5 June 2020


I’m Gerry Schepers.

Making fencing and ornamental work and metalworking has always been my passion.

In order to deliver a nicely finished result to the customer, it is necessary to have solid material and machines. 

My search for solid machines took me to “Prada Nargesa“, a Spanish family business with more than 40 years of experience, located near Barcelona.

The profesional website of Nargesa and their way of working caught my attention. Because I wanted to be sure of the quality of the devices I visited their company.

There I was able to get acquainted with their professional way of working and the solidity and versatility of the devices.

Nargesa is a world player. They sold more than 16,800 machines in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa..

I am very proud for being the exclusive importer for Belgium for Nargesa.

Nargesa is a symbol of quality, reliability, guarantee and innovation.

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